Pascal De Decker

Pascal DeckerPascal De Decker

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Architecture, Catholic University of Leuven
AMRP, University of Ghent, Belgium

Research interests

  • Housing and urban sociology

Recent research projects

Current (for the Flemish government): Based on in-depth interviews with ‘street-level bureaucrats’ who work in institutions (youth care, psychiatric and penitentiary settings), social support services and social housing organisations, we reconstruct the pathways of institution leavers to the housing market, the support they receive and the experienced difficulties. Especially we focus on the way institutions prepare their clients to live an independent life.

Coming (for the EU; part of a large consortium): Dealing with evictions.

Selected publications

De Decker, P. & K. Segers (2013): Chaotic, fluid and instable. On the complex housing trajectories of homeless people in Flanders, Belgium, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment. DOI 10.1007/s10901-013-9367-0.

De Decker, P. with the Feantsa office & Housing Working group (2012): Social rental agencies: an innovative housing-led response to homelessness, Good practice briefing, FEANTSA, Brussels.

De Decker, P. (2011): Understanding housing sprawl; the case of Flanders, Belgium, in: Environment & Planning A, vol. 43, p. 1634-1654.

De Decker, P. (2011): Not for the vulnerable? Flanders’ housing policy squeezed between selectivity and legitimacy, in: European Journal of Homelessness, vol. 5, nr. 2, p. 129-143.

Loopmans, M., De Decker, P. & C. Kesteloot (2010): Social mix and passive revolution. A neo-Gramscian analysis of the resilient marginality of the social mix rhetoric in Flanders, Belgium, in: Housing Studies, vol. 25, nr. 2, p. 181-200.

De Decker, P. & C. Dewilde (2010): Housing wealth and an asset based welfare state; the case of Belgium, in: Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, vol. 25, nr. 2, p. 243-262.

De Decker, P. (2009): Social rental agencies : still a splendid idea?, in: European Journal of Homelessness, vol 3, December, p. 217-232.

De Decker, P., Kesteloot, C. & C. Newton (2009): Where are vulnerable people to live in a State obsessed with homeownership?, in: Doherty, J. & B. Edgar (eds): In my caravan, I feel like superman. Essays in the memory of Henk Meert 1963-2006, Feantsa/Centre for Housing Research, Brussels/Saint Andrews, p. 7-30.

O’Sullivan, O. & P. De Decker (2007): Regulating the private rental housing market in Europe, in: European Journal of Homelessness, vol. 1, December, p. 67-90.

De Decker, P., C. Kesteloot, De Maesschalck, F. & J. Vranken (2005): Revitalising the city in an anti-urban context: extreme right and the rise of an urban policy in Flanders-Belgium, in: International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, vol. 29, nr 1, p. 152-171.

De Decker, P. (2002): On the rise of social rental agencies in Belgium, in: Urban Studies, vol. 39, nr. 2, p. 297-326.

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