Nicholas Pleace

Nicholas PleaceNicholas Pleace

Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Housing Policy, University of York, UK.

Research interests

Nicholas has particular interests in family homelessness and in the design and evaluation of services that enable vulnerable people to live more independent and rewarding lives alongside other citizens.  Family homelessness is disproportionately experienced by lone women parents and is associated with gender based/domestic violence, yet the highly gendered nature of this social problem has tended to be relatively neglected by academic and policy research.  Similarly, he takes the view that the implications of gender difference  in providing effective services to allow groups like chronically homeless people to sustain housing and achieve social integration, has not been as extensively researched as it should have been.  Nicholas has directed policy and academic research on homelessness and homelessness services for over 20 years, with a particular focus on service evaluation. In 2010, he joined the research team of the European Observatory on Homelessness, which operates under the auspices of FEANTSA.  Nicholas also has interests in youth homelessness,   in access to affordable housing, social housing management, welfare taxonomies and the consequences of mass data processing for high-need and vulnerable groups and in the role of area effects in social marginalisation.

Recent research projects

  • Evaluation of the Crisis Skylight programme
  • Camden Housing First evaluation, 2011/13.
  • Understanding child poverty on Peabody estates in London, Peabody Trust, 2012.
  • Mapping services for women at risk of domestic violence in England for the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), 2009-10.
  • Survey of Family homelessness in the UK, for the Department of Communities and Local Government, 2005-2008.

Selected publications

Pleace, N. and Bretherton, J. (2013) Camden Housing First: A ‘Housing First’ Experiment in London York: University of York.

Pleace, N.; Rhodes, D. and Quilgars, D. (2012) Understanding and Tackling Child Poverty on Peabody Estates London: Peabody Trust.

Fitzpatrick, S. and Pleace, N. (2012)’The Statutory Homelessness System in England: A Fair and Effective Rights-Based Model?’, Housing Studies 27,2, pp. 232-251.

Quilgars, D. and Pleace, N. (2010) Meeting the Needs of Households at Risk of Domestic Violence in England: The Role of Accommodation and Housing Related Support Services London: Communities and Local Government.

Pleace, N.; Fitzpatrick, S.; Johnsen, S.; Quilgars, D. and Sanderson, D. (2008) Statutory Homelessness in England: The Experience of Families and 16-17 Year Olds London: Department for Communities and Local Government.

Fitzpatrick, S.; Pleace, N. and Jones, A. (2006) The Support Needs of Homeless Families: An Audit of Provision for Families with Children Affected by Homelessness in Scotland Edinburgh: NHS Health Scotland.

Quilgars, D. and Pleace, N. (2003) Delivering Health Care to Homeless People: An Effectiveness Review, Edinburgh: NHS Health Scotland.

Pleace, N. and Quilgars, D. ‘Led Rather than Leading? Research on Homelessness in Britain ‘ Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology 13, pp. 187-196, 2003.

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