Judith Wolf

Judith WolfProfessor Judith Wolf

Director of Impuls, Netherlands Center for Social Care Research
Director of the Academic Collaborative Centre for Shelter and Recovery
Department of Primary and Community Care,  Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Research interests

As director of the Academic Collaborative Centre for Shelter and Recovery, Judith works in close collaboration with care organizations on the qualitative improvement and professionalization of care for very vulnerable people in society, including homeless people. Judith has more than 30 years of experience in developing, conducting and leading both academic and applied research studies on socially vulnerable people, including homeless people and psychiatric patients, and in particular on the social, health and community support services for such groups. Quality of life, care needs and recovery are the central themes in her research. She recently developed an instrument to assess risk factors and protective factors in vulnerable people and was also responsible for the development of the Consumer Quality Index for Shelter and Community Services. Her work has resulted in dozens of research reports as well as articles, many of which appeared in peer-reviewed journals. She is the principal investigator for a number of large-scale research projects, which include a cohort study of homeless people and two RCT’s on critical time intervention (CTI).

Selected publications

Jonker, I.E., Sijbrandij, M., Luijtelaar M.J.A. van, Cuijpers, P., & Wolf, J.R.L.M. (2014). The effectiveness of Interventions During and After Residence in Women’S Shelters: A Meta-Analysis. Accepted in the European Journal of Public Health.

Van Straaten, B., Schrijvers, C., van der Laan, J., Boersma, S.N., Rodenburg, G., Wolf, J.R.L.M., & Van de Mheen, D. (2014). Intellectual disability among Dutch Homeless people: Prevalence and Related Psychosocial Problems. PLOS ONE, 9(1),1-7.

Beijersbergen. M., Asmoredjo, J., Christians, M., & Wolf, J. (2014). Psychometric properties of the consumer quality index to assess shelter and community care services. The European Journal of Public Health; doi: 10.1093/eurpub/cku195

Lako, D.†, de Vet, R.†, Beijersbergen, M., Herman, D. van Hemert, A., & Wolf, J. (2013). The effectiveness of critical time intervention for abused women and homeless people leaving Dutch shelters: study protocol of two randomised controlled trials. BMC Public Health, 13(1), 555† Equal contributors

*Vet, R. de, *Luijtelaar, M.J.A. van, Beijersbergen, M.D., Brilleslijper-Kater, S.N., Vanderplasschen, W., & Wolf, J.R.L.M. (2013). Effectiveness of Case Management for Homeless Persons: A Systematic Review. Manuscript submitted for publication. *Shared first authorship

Krabbenborg, M.A.M., Boersma, S.N., & Wolf, J.R.L.M. (2013). A strengths based method for homeless youth: Effectiveness and fidelity of Houvast. Study protocol. BMC Public Health 2013, 13:359.

Jonker, I.E., Sijbrandij, M., & Wolf, J.R.L.M. (2012). Toward needs profiles of Shelter-Based Abused Women: A Latent Class Approach. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 36(1), 38-53.

Jonker, I.E., Jansen, C.J.M., Christians, M.G.M., & Wolf J.R.L.M. (2012). Appropriate Care for Shelter-Based Abused Women: Concept Mapping with Dutch Clients and professionals. Violence against women.

Altena, A.M., Brilleslijper-Kater, S.N., & Wolf, J.R.L.M. (2010). Effective Interventions for Homeless Youth: A Systematic Review. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 38(6), 637-645.



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