Joanne Bretherton

Joanne BrethertonJoanne Bretherton

Research Fellow

Centre for Housing Policy, University of York, UK

Research interests

Joanne has an interest in interdisciplinary and internationally comparative research that looks at issues such as housing exclusion and homelessness. She has a particular interest in chronic homelessness including street populations (people living rough) and service interventions used to help this group of people, including Housing First services. She is also interested in European and Asia Pacific comparisons of the experience and management of street homelessness and was a Visiting Fellow at Nagoya Chukyo University, Japan in 2009. Joanne has undertaken a range of work on gender based (domestic) violence and is interested in the interrelationships between gender based violence and homelessness. This includes how services can be designed and delivered which improve service outcomes for homeless women and families at risk of gender based violence.  Her recent work has centred on evaluations of the introduction of Housing First services in the UK and Ireland and Sanctuary Schemes for women at risk of homelessness due to gender based (domestic) violence. Joanne’s work on innovative service responses to promote the social and economic integration of homeless people includes several pieces of research she recently directed on the social enterprise approach for homeless people as developed by Emmaus UK and the Time Banking model at Broadway. She is currently co-directing a major national evaluation of the Crisis Skylight Programme.

Recent research projects

  • Crisis Skylight: An Evaluation, Crisis (2013-2015)
  • Evaluation of the Broadway Skills Exchange (Time Banking), Broadway (2010-2014)
  • Developing a measurement framework for homelessness and housing exclusion in Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Housing Executive (2013)
  • Evaluation of the SHP Housing First service in the London Borough of Camden, SHP (2012-2013)
  • Simon Communities of Ireland: Policy Research on the Homeless Strategy, Ireland Simon Community (2012)
  • The use of medical evidence in homelessness decision-making, ESRC (2011-2012)
  • New Growth for Emmaus, Emmaus (2011)
  • Violence against Women and Girls Refuge Provision in London, Greater London Authority (2011)
  • The effectiveness of Sanctuary Schemes to enable households at risk of domestic violence to remain in their own homes, CLG (2008-2009)

Selected publications

Bretherton, J. and Pleace, N. (2014, forthcoming) An Evaluation of the Broadway Skills Exchange Time Bank, London: Broadway.

Pleace, N. and Bretherton, J. (2013) ‘The case for Housing First in the European Union: A critical evaluation of concerns about effectiveness, European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 7.2 pp 21-41.

Bretherton, J. Hunter, C. and Johnsen, S. (2013) ‘You can judge them on how they look…’: Homelessness Officers, Medical Evidence and Decision-Making in England, European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 7.1, August 2013

Pleace, N. and Bretherton, J. (2013) ‘Measuring Homelessness and Housing Exclusion in Northern Ireland: A test of the ETHOS typology’, Belfast: Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

Pleace, N. and Bretherton, J. (2013) ‘Camden Housing First: A Housing First experiment in London’ York, Centre for Housing Policy, University of York.

Pleace, N. and Bretherton, J. (2013) Finding the way home: Housing led responses and homelessness strategy in Ireland, Dublin: Simon Community. Report

Bretherton, J. and Pleace, N. (2012) New Growth for Emmaus, York: Centre for Housing Policy.

Okamoto. Y & Bretherton. J (2012) ‘Homeless People: Single Men in Japan’, in Smith, S.J (Ed.) The International Encyclopaedia of Housing and Home, pp122-126, London: Elsevier.

Fitzpatrick. S, Bretherton. J, Jones, A., Pleace, N and Quilgars, D. (2010) The Glasgow Hostel Closure and Re-provisioning Programme: Final Report on the findings from a Longitudinal Evaluation, Glasgow City Council / Centre for Housing Policy: York.

Jones, A., Bretherton, J., Bowles, R. and Croucher, K. (2010) The Effectiveness of Schemes to Enable Households at Risk of Domestic Violence to Remain in Their Own Homes, London: Communities and Local Government.

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