Deborah Quilgars

Deborah QuilgarsDeborah Quilgars

Senior Research Fellow

Centre for Housing Policy, University of York, UK.

Research interests

  • Homelessness and housing exclusion, particularly affecting young people and women
  • Housing support and innovative approaches to meeting needs
  • Responses to violence against women
  • Low income home ownership
  • Sustainable housing developments and community development
  • Risk, poverty and social exclusion.

Methodological approaches

Qualitative methods (including longitudinal research and cross country comparisons), evaluation of projects, research reviews, mixed methods.

Recent research projects


  • Housing support for veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness (Riverside/ Stoll)
  • Evaluation of outreach work with Gypsies and Travellers (Joseph Rowntree Foundation/ York Citizen Advice Bureau)

Recently completed

  • Housing First, health and social integration (Feantsa/ DIHAL)
  • Supporting independence? Evaluation of the teenage parent supported housing pilot (Department for Education, UK)
  • The Role of Accommodation and Housing-Related Support Services (Department of Communities and Local Government

Selected publications

Pleace, N. and Quilgars, D. (2014) Housing First, health and social integration: A review, Brussels: FEANTSA.

Quilgars, D. (2012) ‘Homeless People: Youth in the United Kingdom’ in Smith, S.J (Ed.) The International Encyclopaedia of Housing and Home, pp 156-160, London: Elsevier.

Pleace, N., Rhodes, D. and Quilgars, D. (2012) Understanding and Tackling Child Poverty on Peabody Estates, London: Peabody Trust.

Pleace, N., Teller, N. and Quilgars, D. (2011) Social Housing Allocation and Homelessness: EOH Comparative Studies on Homelessness, Brussels: Feantsa.

Quilgars, D., Fitzpatrick, S. and Pleace, N. (2011) Ending Youth Homelessness: Possibilities, Challenges and Practical Solutions, London: Centrepoint.

Quilgars, D., Johnsen, S. Pleace, N., Beecham, J. and Bonin, E. (2011) Supporting independence? Evaluation of the teenage parent supported housing pilot, London: Department for Education.

Quilgars, D. and Pleace, N. (2010) Meeting the Needs of Households at Risk of Domestic Violence in England: The Role of Accommodation and Housing-Related Support Services, London: Communities and Local Government.

Fitzpatrick, S., Quilgars, D. and Pleace, N. (Editors) (2009) Homelessness in the UK: Problems and solutions, Coventry: Chartered Institute of Housing.

Pleace, N., Fitzpatrick, S., Johnson, S., Quilgars, D. and Sanderson, D. (2008) Family homelessness in England, London: CLG.

Jones, A. and Quilgars, D. (2008) Evaluation of Shelter London Prisons Project: Resettling women prisoners from HMP Holloway, report to Shelter.

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